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27.  Nancy A. Hudson
My friend Kathy and I happened upon this treasure on our way to the Scenic Highway, but of course every highway in WV is scenic! I was instantly drawn to EVERYTHING. We only had a short amount of time to inhale the flavors of this awesome store but it’s already on my list for next summer. I got some yarn, jelly, a few cards and was tempted by much more. The owner was great to chat with… a beautiful property with clean bathrooms! Yay! I’ll be back!!!!!
26.  Gerri & Haylee Wilson
Me and my Daughter was out driving looking at the beautiful mountains, when we seen Sharps Country Store!! It has big glass widows outside loaded with tons of historical artifacts and information attached to them. It was like going back in History. We walked inside and it was even better then we expected :) old toys, dishes, Fenton wear , old bottles ,vintage photographs, goat milk soap, apple butter , which I bought and it is so good I could go on and on!! The owner told us the apples were picked off his tree and homemade. That's what I liked he could tell you where each item came from and the History behind it. The store was a great find and we will definitely be going back, great service and hospitality!! Oh and don't forget to check out the kissing bridge across the road ;)
25.  Larry Z (Pittsburgh PA)
An absolute treasure and wonderfully authentic store frozen in time. A museum and antique shop all rolled into one. And even served coke in glass bottles from a vintage cooler! I love this place! Don't ever change.
24.  Elmer Falcione
Loved your Country Store! What History there! The wife and I enjoyed it VERY much! Tom Shipley, was VERY Helpful and Courteous! We will try to return, in the near future! Hang -on to that Bantam Vehicle out front;.... it brought back tons of good memories!!! They were the first (Butler, Pa.) vehicle factory, to initiate, the Willy's............................. Thanks again..... Elmer & Barbara Falcione 4853 Oakridge Drive Pittsburgh, Pa. 15227-1445
23.  Orville and Vicki Gable
We will be back as soon as possible. This is the most friendly place we have ever been. This place is like nothing you have ever seen. So much history. Some things just part of the museum and many things for sale. Mr. Shipley even shipped some items we purchased to California for us. P.S. try the maple syrup ,pancakes just get in the way.
22.  Wells Family
We just had our first taste of the Boysenberry Jam we bought, and it was Delicious! Our family enjoyed taking photos at the Sharp's Kissing Bridge, and the girls are still talking about it. We can't wait to open up our Home Made Maple Syrup, and for our next trip to West Virgina.
21.  Alvin Wolfe
Happy 4th of July Tom! Hope all is well up your way. Just a line to let you know that I truly enjoyed our visit. and hope to come back soon.Have a great day.
20.  Ross
It was great to visit your store last week on our bike trip. We were the group of 4 bikers from Ontario Canada. (yeh- which ones right) I didnt realize your uncles car was used in the Shrine Circus until I got home and started to review the picutred I took. It was very interesting visiting the store and the covered bridge. Tony enjoyed the Coke as well.
19.  John/Carrie Tanner
Tom, it was nice meeting you last Saturday at the store. My daughter and I loved the info. and all the stuff in the store. I read the WV magazine article when I got home and your family went through some sadness during the Civil War. Nice story and history. The Jam I got there is good and I Loved the WVU stone Carrie bought me for fathers day. Will stop by again on our next visit to Snowshoe. I think everyone who stops in will like how your keeping the past alive. Keep it up.
18.  Charles Emory Howell
I was born in Slaty Fork in 1937....Son of George L Howell & Lona Helen Cordell. I love to visit & explore the mountains where my dad was a skidder operator. I was named for Emory Schafer, My dads boss at the time. C Howell
17.  Rusty Moses
Very nice place to visit always stop by every time I am through there. The Sharps are very nice people. I will be back again to say Hello..
16.  Audrey Sheppard
My family & I visited in July, and you were kind enough to give us a tour of the cabin and re-open the store for us. My Daddy, David Lassiter grew up in Slaty Fork, and I was bringing my son & husband to see the area. It was great getting to see all the wonderful treasures in your store and talking to someone who appreciates the history the way I do. We also appreciate that you took the time to help us find a campground, since we didn't know where we would stay that night. Thank you for everything!
15.  Jeanne Jarrett Dingman
Just read about your incredible store in the wonderful magazine, "Goldenseal", and I am so anxious to visit one day! I now live in north central Florida but I grew up in St. Albans West Virginia. Enjoyed reading your entire article, especially how you ended up back in WV and the story of "Sharp's Kissing Bridge". My father had written for the magazine previously which is why I purchased a subscription, and I have been ever so glad because it is chock-full of intriqing stories like yours...I wish you the best with your "little bit of heaven"!
14.  Susanna Holstein
Hi Tom, we stopped by last Saturday with our granddaughter after the Greenbrier River Race when we saw that Green Bantam car parked out front. What a great place! I was so glad to be able to see inside and the maple syrup we bought is delicious. We'll be back--I want to know more about that story you told me about your great-aunt. And the log cabin--what a treat to be able to see it. I was so intrigued by the blue paint. Would love to have more time to explore it. Susanna and Larry
13.  Jason Bootie
Tom- Hello there. This is Jason Bootie. I was there a few weeks back with a friend. We were on vacation with our families and rode to your store. Just wanted to say it was a Pleasure meeting you. Your store is amazing, and we'll visit again if/when we vacation around SnowShoe.. Keep up the fight and save that wonderful store and land around it. If there is anything at all we can do just ask.. God Bless, Jason Bootie Columbia,PA
12.  Fred & Autumn Hopkins
We had a great time visiting with you on Saturday afternoon. Keep up the good fight. Remember, every little victory has meaning, don't get discouraged. By the way that maple candy was amazing! Take care we'll be back around soon. Fred and Autumn Hopkins (
11.  Forest Burke
Hey Tom, Me and a freind visited your store on 8/19/10 while riding bikes, it had been a while for me but a first for him. I still love stopping in and looking around, history teaches us great lessons if we listen but also bring back alot of great memories and your commitment to keeping the past alive is a big value in the county, state and nation! It's a historical store where I show my kids items and stories from the past and they really love it. Keep working and driving your families history as well as a gem of history from our state and nation!! Forest Burke
10.  Jill Murphy-Wills
Hi Tom. We just returned from our family reunion / vacation in Mingo, WV. It wasn't just a pleasure to stop in and visit your store. It was an honor. I loved the old-time family atmosphere. I cherish the stories my momma tells and loved watching you listen to her so intently. We enjoyed your store, your stories, your presence and were completely shocked when we learned your great uncle, Paul Sharp, worked with my Daddy at US Rubber Company in Port Neches, Texas. What a small world! It is amazing how God places each of us in the other's just the right moment in our lives. Thank you for sharing your life, history and heritage with us. Blessings, Jill & John Wills, Lucy Murphy and Sue Harmon.....The Texas Gang!
9.  Cheryl Eck-Kelly
I am happy to sign the guest book. I am the Granddaughter of Brent T. & Gladys Wooddell. I have many wonderful memories of Sharp's store. My Grandfather would take me up to the store, and it was a treat! I am so happy that the business is still open. I brought my kids there a few years ago and it was a wonderful feeling for them to see living history! Take care :) Cheryl
8.  Terry Williams
We just bought a second home in Slatyfork,my wife and kids fell in love with it. We are from Blackville,S.C. and we will support Sharps General Store, Pocahontas herself would be proud of the beauty of Pocahontas county, for we do. Keep her clean and green.
7.  David Sharp
I am Paul aka Bunk Sharp's grandson. I live in Lyman, Maine now with my wife and son. It's a very proud feeling for me to see my family history is alive and well. Hopefully, someday we can visit.
6.  Ron Drennen
I live in eastern Oregon was at your store in I believe in november but was closed for the day was in the area visiting relatives and doing family research my 6th great Grandfathers property bordered the sharps he lived above edray at the base of the elk mountains and was a very early settler of the area I believe a Drennen married a sharp in past history always enjoy stopping but so far have not been there when you are open hope to get back again and next time will call to make sure you are open Keep up the good work........RON, THANKS SO MUCH FOR POSTING. SORRY WE MISSED YOU. PLEASE CONTACT US NEXT TIME YOU ARE IN THE Tom
5.  Melissa Cornwell
My husband John along with my daughter Amanda and her boyfriend Kyle wandered into the store at Kyle's request because of the cars out in front of the building and the sign that said "Free Museum". We all really enjoyed meeting Tom and will definitely keep in touch. He has a rich family history that he is keeping alive through his efforts. I am proud to know him, he has great foritude for taking on the forces of government to protect this history and land. Many people would have folded under the pressure but Tom has a great passion for his family history as well as the area's history. It takes a lot of courage and persistence to fight this fight, refreshing in these times.
4.  Sandra Hannah
I have great memories of this store. My father Orval Hannah grew up in Slaty Fork and every summer we traveled there and stayed with my Aunt Evva Shelton who lived down the road until she died at the age of 95. We just went back there this July to bury my father. We stopped in and enjoyed every moment.
3.  Byron Hargraves (Sharp)
If only Coke products were actually made with sugar & not High Fructose Corn Syrup, then we could be transported to the "good ole days" for sure. Order some "Mexican" Coca Colas. They only use sugar in the Mexican "Hencho en Mexico" variety . Local Mexican/immigrant population that works, will soon flock to your doors to get them. Throw in some "Jarritos" & homemade tacos & "cha ching" !! While you are at it check out Dublin, Texas "Dr. Peppers" ...awesome. (from Tom at Sharp's Country Store) Byron, thanks for posting. Yes, indeed, we DO have Coke made with cane sugar, just like when I was a kid (I'm old). I would be very interested in some 'Dublin, Texas Dr. Peppers'! Why don't you throw a few cases in the car and come visit with your folks and grandparents? Thanks, Tom
2.  Jeff Valentine
Great store, my wife loves the maple syrup. Lots of interesting stuff to see in the store. My son drank the Coke and kept the bottle as a keepsake. He had never seen Coke in a glass bottle. We still laugh about him not knowing how to open it up.
1.  David Warren
Terriffic store Reminds me of times when values had a meaning.